About the framework

The framework was developed through the Sustainable Rail Programme, with support from Forum for the Future.

The framework has four parts:

  1. User Guidance 
    Available both through this site and as a downloadable document. It provides the background and rationale behind the framework, as well as useful tips on completing the sections and making your assessment meaningful.

  2. The Pre-assessment Checklist 
    A short list of questions to ensure that you are fully prepared by the time you come to the full Self-assessment Questionnaire. It also provides advice that will help you to properly prepare and therefore get maximum benefit from it.

  1. The Self-assessment Questionnaire
    The multiple choice questions at the heart of the framework that will help you to assess your organisation.

  2. The Results
    The results section shows your organisation’s level of performance for each principle, based on the answers that you provided to the Self-assessment Questionnaire.