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This short list of questions ensures that you are fully prepared by the time you come to the full self-assessment questionnaire. The downloadable checklist also provides advice that will help you to properly prepare and get maximum benefit.  

Pre-assessment question

  • Have you read the Rail Industry Sustainable Development Principles?
  • Will the framework help you do what you want to?
  • Have you agreed who will own the framework within your organisation?
  • Have you agreed who will be accountable for performance and/or improvement?
  • Have you agreed who will coordinate implementation?
  • Will the results of an assessment be agreed/verified between two or more people?
  • Have you identified the people who may be able to help you conduct this assessment within your organisation?
  • Have you decided the scope of your assessment?
  • Have you identified all other assessments that your organisation uses to assess performance on all or some of the principle areas (eg Business in the Community Index or EFQM CR excellence method)? If your organisation uses other assessments, do you have access to this information?
  • Are you familiar with the levels used in the assessment?
  • Are you familiar with the rules on scoring?
  • Have you agreed what you will accept as sufficient evidence of achieving a level?
  • Do you have an agreed way of collating the information and assessment?
  • Do you have an agreed method for storing and communicating the results of the assessment, ensuring that it is readily accessible for year-on-year comparisons in the future?

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